Friday, January 23, 2009

dreams on hold?

It seems I'm coming to a great crossroad in my life. I have a choice to make in the next few months and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to make it. I can either sit around in Guntersville and wait for the Peace Corps to come through sometime in the next year or move to Birmingham and work for a year while hopefully earning more experience to realize the dream of Peace Corps later. I'm not really sure which I want to do. I know after living for a month in Guntersville that I will not be able to find a good job here or be able to stand not having peers around. I am young and there are not too many young people in Guntersville. I am comfortable in saying that I am not giving up on my dreams but it may be smart to postpone them for now. Hopefully now with Obama in office, Peace Corps will receive the funding it needs to expand their numbers and programs. It is sad that our economy is in such a state and that I have entered the "real world" at such a time. It makes decisions a little harder. I am hoping this decision will come easier when I call my Placement Officer next week. I have a few questions about how likely it is I will get into a program by June, what my options are as far as putting my application on hold, and when the cut-off dates are for the next programs. Maybe that will clear a few things up.

Life is complicated. Sometimes too complicated.

Friday, January 2, 2009

good news, bad news, and everything in between

first the bad news. let's just get it over with. I talked to my Peace Corps placement officer once again and it seems that all the positions have been filled through March. Kind of a downer.

now for the good news. They are still considering me for the Spring and Summer invitations. I got some good advice to build up my resume some more by volunteering and taking some Red Cross classes. This also gives me a little more time to spend with my family before I leave for two years. Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise. Another bit of good news is that I am all moved into my new place in Guntersville. It's cozy and I will post pictures once I get everything cleaned up. It's been a busy few weeks since graduation with the New Orleans trip, Christmas parties, and visiting with friends. I am happy to have at least heard some news than no news at all. Keep praying for me and I'll keep you posted.