Wednesday, April 28, 2010

becoming an adult

Of all the adventures I think growing up might be the hardest. The real world seems to take no prisoners when it comes to kicking you while you are already down. I count my blessings everyday though. I have amazing friends that help me when things are going my way and I intend to fully repay them for their kindness. Recently, I lost my job at J.Clyde and once again had to join the many many people that are searching for jobs right now. I was lucky and within a week of my last day at J.Clyde I already had two jobs that looked promising. So the good news is I'm now working as an agent at SelectMySpace which is a free apartment locating service in Birmingham. The hours suit me better as I can make my own schedule and don't have to work until the god-forsaken hours in the A.M. I already knew I was a morning person and my mood seems way better when I wake up early and go to bed (fairly) early. I enjoy the work, too. I love that it's a people-based industry where I get to show clients apartments and help them make a difficult decision. The people that work in my office are pretty stunning too. Despite some fierce competition, we tend to joke around and generally have a good time while working. It's rare that anyone is in a "fml" mood.

I'm also trying to play as hard as I can despite some financial woes. A few months ago I started dating one of my old friends from Camp McDowell, Mark Drake. He got me started on my new addiction of playing disc golf (Check out for more information). I joined the league here in Birmingham and have already played several courses in Alabama. It's relatively inexpensive to begin playing with most discs costing under $10 plus there are no course fees. Mark and I also share a love of camping and have gone to Sipsey Wilderness several times. As if I was having enough fun, I've been going to nearly every concert or festival that I can. That list includes: Umphrey's McGee, Yonder Mountain String Band, RJD2, Trey Anastasio Band, Wanee Festival (with Widespread Panic, The Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks, and tons more). Tonight I am going to see Lotus play at WorkPlay and already have plans to see three nights of Phish in July with Mark.

I may be in a funk right now and possibly having one of the worst weeks of my life but the only things I can say is that I'll keep on truckin. It's all I can do. :)