Saturday, June 26, 2010

the magnitude of kindness

People never cease to amaze me. Maybe that's why I like them so much. I had yet another astounding couchsurfer experience this past Thursday night which keeps me blogging! When someone says they are driving nearly 10 hours to your town to see some band you've never heard of, go hang out with them. I had three wonderful people drive all the way from Florida to go see Kay Kay and the Weathered Underground at Bottletree then crash at my house. The night started off normal enough--I went to Bottletree to meet up with them before the show started. I did not intend on sticking around to see the band play because of several reasons (money, didn't know who they were, and I had some things I needed to do). Well, my plans changed quickly when a few members of the band came over to our table and started talking with us. Before we knew it, we were being added to the guest list and after talking with the drummer, I was really curious about what the music was like. From taking pulls of very warm but very good scotch in the parking lot to taking the entire band and my friends from Florida to Al's after the show, I was floored by how different from my expectations the night turned out to be. The band even gave me a copy of their single released on vinyl with some wicked artwork on the cover. I hope to eventually do some artwork of my own for them since they loved my psychedelic style.
Speaking of art, I'm so glad I've pulled myself out of the post-graduation rut that I have been in for nearly two years. How could I have let myself deny my art for so long? Having my photography up on the walls at Bottletree last weekend really inspired me to go forward with my artistic endeavors and so far it is paying off. I sat down this past week and hashed out the two posters that I plan on selling at the Phish concerts next weekend. I still can't believe they look as fantastic as they do. I just hope the fans like them as much as I do. A friend of mine also offered to build some nice frames for the pieces that I did for the Bottletree show. I'm calling it a collaboration of talent because Kevin is amazing at carpentry. He's been wanting to build furniture too but doesn't quite have the design knack so I may start drawing up some ideas for that soon. I guess that's the one thing I love so much about art--the people and the talent involved is so great that everyone's willing to help each other out.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

banana pancakes for the artist

When I gain clarity, I'll let you know.

Otherwise, I'm still putting one foot in front of the other working slowly toward a goal that seems infinitely far away. Leaving Birmingham? Did I really want to be here in the first place? I think it's been a good stepping stone for figuring out where I want to make my mark in this world. I have learned so much from the people around me and the few that have passed through. Couchsurfers have a good way of giving me a reality check. My last one, after we both had a few beers, gave me one of the best reality checks I have in a good while. The conversation went as thus:

Dan: "So how are you going to eat this weekend?"
Me: "I don't know--I'll figure something out."
Dan: "No, really. how are you going to eat this weekend?"
Me: "Well tomorrow morning I'll wake up and eat the rest of the biscuits that I made earlier today and then I'll head over to the Bottletree to help put up the art show and I think there will be food there. My mom's coming to the art show and she'll probably buy me dinner. On Sunday I'm going to an expo and generally they have free samples there and after that I have dinner plans with a friend who's paying."
Dan: "So you have plan?"
Me: "Always. I know how to survive."
Dan: "Can I take you out to breakfast tomorrow morning?"

The good news is with a dollar in my pocket all weekend, I ate pretty well. Breakfast with Dan at the Pancake House was delicious...we both had banana pancakes with blueberry topping.

The reality check gave me two things:
I am a starving artist.
The kindness of people never ceases to amaze me.

It's the little things that get me by and keep a smile on my face. I will never quit loving my life and I will never quit loving those that are there to enjoy it with me.