Monday, February 28, 2011

ideas, dreams, plans...

We all have them. First that little inkling of an idea that the beautiful days outside would be better spent outside rather than doing this daily grind. Usually, I would call in a personal health day but that was more easily done when I was in school and allowed a few days to skip out each semester. Then you get the idea that there's more to life than this daily routine you stick to religiously sometimes. Get up, go to work, come home, veg on TV, go to bed...a little variation here and there but let's not kid ourselves. This isn't life. It's a set of motions. I fear that people think this is a place of security. The stricter you become with your routines, your diet, your social interactions, your way of life, the less stress and worries will be come your way. To quote from my blog title, maybe I'm just young, crazy, and totally in love with life but if I were subjected to the 9-5, Monday through Friday job that most people build their own lives around, I would go nuts.

This is one of the many driving factors toward my reasons for leaving the "comfort and safety" of the so-called plan that most people see as life (get a college degree, start your career, find a husband, pop out a few kids, and sign that 30 year mortgage). That, my friends, was never my plan. I realize I have worried my near and dear to death with these crazy ideas but I can only say that once you throw out THE plan, most people fear you have gone off the deep end. It's also sad to say I haven't been able to do much to console my loved ones for I fear too that I am stepping off and into the deep end. I hope I can swim.

I have a plan. Who knows how good it is. Untested. Untried. All drawing from the minds of both Matt and I. I can tell you it will be as good as our smarts and talents and I'd say that both of us are pretty smart and talented people. We'll get by.

As for now, the story of the Lady Wendy continues. She is currently in the shop getting fixed up with a rebuilt and/or brand new engine and will be road ragin' by April. The mechanic that is working on her is apparently the son of the guy that used to work on my grandfather's bus. I'm happy to know she is in good hands although they are not mine. I still have a few renovation plans for the cosmetic parts but this will pretty much set up the bus for the road trip of a lifetime.

The dreams keep coming...the ones where I'm driving that big green bus through shrouded mountain sides and camping in it surrounded by wonderful, happy people. The road is calling and I am answering in earnest.