Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's nice to have you in birmingham

so it seems that life in birmingham is going fairly swimingly. I'm enjoying being able to kick back with friends and enjoy the "after college" life. It's the real world, but who's counting? So instead of working at Jackson's, I managed to get my foot in the door and J.Clyde's. Server extraordinaire at your service! My sleep schedule suffers for the late nights and my feet suffer from running around all the night but its worth it. The people are pretty fantastic and I don't mind a few drunks every once in a while. It's also nice to have a bed to come back to in birmingham every night. I definitely don't miss the couch-surfing days. The apartment still hasn't quite gotten together yet. We have a few boxes left to be unpacked and cable/internet hasn't been hooked up yet. Hopefully within a month everything will be set up and looking mighty fine so we can start entertaining.

I am still a little disappointed about the Peace Corps but I think that at least a year working on my own will do some good. I'm already learning alot about how I cope with managing money and the little surprises that life seems to spring on me (like getting my debit card number stolen, oh my!). The real world seems too surreal to actually be real yet. Its also a little too fun.

More updates when the internet gets set up!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a new lease (on life)

I've found that decisions aren't always that easy but sometimes once you make them, things start to fall into place. I decided to defer my Peace Corps application and move to Birmingham. It's a scary thought with the negative attitudes about the economy and job security but I've done some pretty scary things before and made it through relatively unscathed. I believe I work out my problems through words and conversations. I've talked with many people who are important to me in my life about the decision to defer and most of them were pleased with the idea. They did not want me to give up the dream but at the same time felt it would be a smart move to take a year off to get my head straight. I guess the thing I am most worried about is that I have never truly lived on my own. The good thing is that my parents have provided me with the tools I will need to do it. I've learned from them how to budget, save money, be respectful to others, and work hard. This gives me a little more confidence when taking the full and total flight from the nest.

As for Birmingham, I have discovered in a week that I can find a roommate, a job, and an apartment. Well, the roommate was a given. I'm very excited about the new place I am moving into THIS WEEKEND. It's got all the character and charm that I love, two separate bathrooms, and a city view from a private deck and porch. It will also be the first lease I will ever sign without a cosigner. (I have credit! I feel like a real adult!) The job is at Jackson's which I believe I got with plenty of help from my brother. It will hopefully be temporary as I have an interview this week with a new hotel opening up in April that can offer full-time plus benefits. It seems that Birmingham will be my home for at least a year and to be honest, I am okay with that.