Thursday, March 19, 2009

the highest highs and the lowest lows

This past month has been a mixture of so many emotions. It's nice that the weather has warmed up and I'm finally able to go outside without freezing my patootie off. I've been hiking a bit with David and planning on doing an overnight trip next weekend in the Smokies with him and Sam Taylor. It will be nice to have some time away from the craziness that Birmingham can be. I'll be even more excited when its warm enough to go swimming.

The apartment is coming along nicely. Pretty much everything is set up except the dining room and we are still making little adjustments elsewhere. I've been working a little too much lately to be able to do much to it but I have used some of my days off to clean and decorate a bit. I'm really loving J.Clyde's. It's a nice reprieve from what I've been doing pretty much all my life. To just be working and not worrying about school or anything is actually kind of relaxing. I'm happy though that I can go back to Montevallo and use the resources down there to continue working on my photography. I've been invited to go on a trip to Romania this August with Karen who travels there frequently and knows the territory well. I'll just have to save enough money to afford the plane ticket and a few expenses. I think I'll be able to do it.

I'm very happy to feel like I am in the place I am supposed to be at this moment. Although this past month has been very difficult for me, I feel like I have made the right decisions. It is in the toughest hour that I feel my most unbreakable and intangible.