Friday, May 1, 2009

less than a week away from a new year

The view from the back porch of the apartment

David and I before hiking in the Sipsey Wilderness

Hiking at Moss Rock in Hoover

The creepy portraits David and I found at the antique mall

My new study area

In just a few short days, I will be a 23 year-old woman. Now, 23 is not a very exciting age. Nothing new really happens like being able to drink or rent a car but I am ready to enter a new year. I can hardly wait for the next day to start every time I'm ready to retire for the night.

I feel like Birmingham is becoming more like home with every day. I'm starting a garden on our back patio/porch and I've already acquired some mint and rosemary to plant. This weekend my roommate and I are also planning do to a little pruning in what we've come to lovingly call the "secret garden." It's just a little overgrown and we are planning on having a few people over for a birthday party. I would love to get a hammock to set up back there too as a little reading and relaxing place for the summer. In the dining room, I've set up a nice study area from some pieces I picked up a the most amazing antique mall I've ever been to. Since I haven't put many photos up lately, I thought I'd leave the rest of the update to speak for itself.